Japan Travel Tips: Luggage Transfer & Storage Service List

Getting around Japan with your suitcases is, tough.
They annoy you as they are heavy and it’s hard for you to walk with for a long distance.
Even enjoyable Japan travel could decrease its enjoyment.

I think that, before/during Japan travel, people having that kind of a problem, which needs to be solved, are increasing due to the rising increase of travelers to Japan.

To solve the problem, I’ve compiled a list of luggage transfer/storage services in Japan.
Do NOT get around Japan with your suite cases, which annoys you as they are heavy and it’s hard for you to walk with for a long distance.

Hope one of these services will help your wonderful travel in Japan.


ecbo cloak

ecbo cloak is a sharing service that connects people who want to leave their luggage with stores keeping your luggage safely. The user can book the place and time to keep baggage with ecbo cloak and complete the payment. Multiple languages available: English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese.


TA-Q-BIN Center Uketori Service

TA-Q-BIN Center Uketori Service is offered by Yamato Transport (Kuroneko Yamato), one of the biggest transport courier company in Japan.

With this service, you can send your luggage to their logistics centers directly and receive them whenever you arrive. *They keep your packages for seven days.

With this service, for example, when you arrive at Narita Airport with big & heavy luggage, you will be hands-free soon just by asking them to send your luggage to their center nearest to your designated place.

According to the press released by them in Japanese, this service will be available in about 4,000 (!) centers placed all over Japan, ranging from Okinawa to Hokkaido.



Same-day delivery and hands free-travel. Airporter delivers your baggage from accommodations to airports. Before you check out, register the service and leave your luggage to the accommodation, and you will receive your baggage at your departure airport. You can enjoy getting around Japan without heavy suitcases to the last minutes before you leave Japan. English and Chinese available.



monooQ is like a “luggage storage” version of Airbnb. You can book a private individual room as a locker. Each host of the room respectively sets an amount of luggage, size of it, and a service fee.



[Set to launch in early 2018] If you apply for LUGGAFE-FREE-TAVEL, they will deliver your luggage from the airport to your hotel, the hotel to the next, and of course the last accomodation to the airport. The service will have the most credibility among others as they are powered by three major comapnies in Japan, JTB (travel), Panasonic (technology), and Yamato (transport).



Tebura offers travelers luggage storage spaces, and one of their unique features is the spaces are provided by companies and shops.


Address Verification for Airbnb Stay in Japan

Before/after/during you stay in Japan, it is very convenient to have a place to receive – whether or not you are at – packages, including a pocket WiFi router, a prepaid SIM card, and one purchased from online shops. However, at lots of Airbnb rooms in Japan, you cannot receive packages with various reasons.

We solve such issues entirely to certainly receive packages at Airbnb in Japan, and provides the accurate address information in Japanese and English.
Also, as a spare to cover it, we provide the address of the Japan post office nearest to your accommodation. If you want to ease lots of concerns on travel as much as possible, why not take this opportunity for the best Japan travel experience.

For a limited period of time, we offer you this service completely for free.


If you want to know the most fit one for your travel style, just ask me and I can advise you more precisely.
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