4 Japan Proxy Shopping Services To Get Must-buy/Exclusive Items Sold in Japan *OCT 2 Updated!

One day, I came across a post on reddit in which people talking about a very interesting topic: Reddit / What did you wish you bought in Japan or Japan exclusive items to bring home? (self.JapanTravel)

Happily (or . . . worse?), the original poster hasn’t been to Japan yet. Seemingly he/she just made this post for gathering information: what to buy in Japan?

On that post, we can see that very many people taking about their favorites enthusiastically and some even regretted not to buy certain things in Japan while they visited.


For all the people living outside of Japan, including ones not having visited Japan yet, I’ve listed 3 Japanese proxy shopping websites each offering really a wide range of products in Japan.


New to the term, proxy shopping?


In a nutshell, Proxy Shopping Service is: They buy things in Japan instead of you. Of course, they send you the product you ordered through the service.

As long as products sold in the internet, Proxy Shopping Service seemingly can buy everything instead of you. *Except for ones regarding to international shipping issues (law, custom, whatever) .

So, your needs to must-buy/exclusive items sold in Japan practically should be satisfied, except for actually visiting Japan.

Only concern might be . . . , you need to watch out your savings account XD


Back to the topic.

Let’s take a look at popular 4 Japan proxy shopping services to get must-buy/exclusive items sold in Japan.


1. White Rabbit Express


Service FeeThe fees depends on product but you can get an instant quote.
Payment MethodsCredit Card, Debit Card, Paypal, Alipay, Bitcoin (on request).
Stores Mainly AvailableAmazon, Rakuten Ichiba, ZOZOTOWN, Yahoo! Auctions, any online shop, auction or marketplace site. Plus, They can purchase from nearly any retail shop in Tokyo (*).
Send MethodsFedEx, EMS, Air Mail, SAL, International ePacket, etc.
Multilingual SupportEnglish and French.


*According to a comment from them through Twitter feed (thank you!).




Service Fee0% (!). They only offer you fixed 300JPY per item.
Payment MethodsCredit Card, Debit Card, Paypal, Alipay, Bank Transfer.
Stores Mainly AvailableRAKUTEN, Amazon, Yahoo, any other online shop/marketplace.
Multilingual SupportEnglish, Spanish, French, Russian, Ukrainian and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified).

*Updated on Oct 1st according to comments from them through Twitter feed (thank you!).




Service FeeThe fees for using FROM JAPAN are divided into two categories (*written below)
Payment MethodsCredit Card, Paypal, Alipay, Bank Transfer. *Plus, they accept deposit and FJ points.
Stores Mainly AvailableAmazon, Rakuten Ichiba, ZOZOTOWN, Yahoo! Auctions, any other online shop/marketplace.
Send MethodsFedEx, DHL, EMS, Air Mail, SAL, Surface, or Small Packet.
Multilingual SupportEnglish, Chinese, Spanish, and French.

*The fees for using FROM JAPAN are divided into two categories.
Fee 1 is the cost of the item itself. Fee 2 includes domestic and international shipping fee, the plan fee, and any other applicable fees.





Service Fee 0% *You can pick optional extras, such as all-in-one item insurance, item inspection, and consolidation plans.
Payment MethodsCredit Card, Paypal.
Stores Mainly AvailableAmazon, Rakuten Ichiba, Yahoo! Auctions, any other online shop/marketplace.
Send MethodsEMS, SAL, Airmail, Surface Mail, FedEx.
Multilingual SupportEnglish and Thai language.

*They made their original comparison chart which also showcase popular Japanese proxy shopping services. If you get interested in, here’s a link:

Japan proxy shopping services, compared and reviewed: DEJAPAN vs. From Japan vs. ZenMarket vs. Buyee vs. Samurai Buyer



Still missing something and not satisfied after checking these websites?

Okay, just let me know. I will gladly check it instead of you . . . at the lowest cost among them, maybe! XD
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The contents of this article are from the data taken as of October 2nd, 2018, and each company’s status is changing (mostly improving) monthly.

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I am Japanese and my nickname is Momo. I have been working in the mobile telecommunications industry for about 7 years and am familiar with Japanese telecommunications services. Although my English is not very good, I would like to provide useful telecommunication-related information to those who stay in Japan as accurately as possible.

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