Japan Prepaid SIM Cards / Rental Pocket WiFi Routers Comprehensive Comparison Lists

As many countries have, Japan also has a lot of companies offering prepaid SIM cards or rental pocket WiFi routers. Actually, there are a little too much to choose the best one for your travel out of them.

Today I’ll introduce to you several “God” web sites, each listing a lot of companies of SIM/WiFi providers in Japan with their own unique perspectives.

After glancing the websites below, you are going to be able to grab the best prepaid SIM card/portable WiFi router for your travel in Japan.



They have two lists, each showcasing prepaid SIM card providers and rental pocket WiFi ones respectively.
Their perspectives are simple but essential, which give you a very sufficient information to decide and accordingly, you can compare them easily: MVNO name, Data capacity, Usage Period, Price, and Speed.


I recommend that you would be better off visiting their website first.


With this website, you can know about a whole picture of the SIM/WiFi in Japan. When you find your favorite after glancing at the lists, let’s go deeper individually on each official website via the link on the lists.


FANDOM / Japan | Prepaid Data SIM Card Wiki

If you have a plan to buy a prepaid SIM data card, you’d better to check this website. You might be surprised when you find there are not a few points to check to make sure the compatibility between your device and a prepaid SIM card.

As a Japanese, I totally agree with the words they said “Japan can be a tricky country to buy a local SIM card.”

But don’t worry. FANDOM / Japan | Prepaid Data SIM Card Wiki has detailed information you should know and which definitely helps you such as: frequencies, regulations, networks, technical settings.



They have three unique comparison lists updated periodically. The three lists divided based on how much data you will use, and each chart is organized by price into categories.


Even after checking the websites above, if you have any slightest concern about it, feel free to ask me.
I am gladly help you for supporting your best travel experience in Japan.

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