All Japan Travelers Must Check: Sending & Receiving Packages Will Dramatically Be Easy

Definitely worth using service for every travelers to Japan will appear from this October.

Great news has just came in from Yamato Transport (Kuroneko Yamato), announcing that they will start a new service from October 1st, 2017.

The service name is “TA-Q-BIN Center Uketori Service,” meaning that with this service, you can send your luggage to their logistics centers directly and receive them whenever you arrive. *They keep your packages for seven days.

With this service, for example, when you arrive at Narita Airport with big & heavy luggage, you will be hands-free soon just by asking them to send your luggage to their center nearest to your designated place.


*Image sourced from Yamato Transport Official Webpage.


According to the press released by them in Japanese, this service will be available in about 4,000 (!) centers placed all over Japan, ranging from Okinawa to Hokkaido.

This is really revolutionary and simply fantastic. Your travel in Japan must be more easy.


Yet they releases a search map for 4,000 eligible centers available only in Japanese, I just list the link just for your information.

Search Page for Yamato Transport Centers


If you have a plan to visit Japan after September 30 and want to try this service,
ask us from below with your shipping address.
We will search the nearest center from the address, and we can tell you how to use it specifically.

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About New Service “TA-Q-BIN Center Uketori Service” (in Japanese)

Yamato Transport (in English)