Are You a First-Time Traveler to Japan? Then, Using an Airport Bus is the Most Smart Transportation to City For You

For a first time traveler to Japan, it is difficult to get straight to the place you want to go by train as you need to get accustomed with (a little) complicated train routes in Japan.

And this may fit not only beginners but veterans because even I, a Japanese guy, sometimes get puzzled with that, and come to think like: Where am I? To get to the place I want to go, which route should I take?


This issue emerges especially in choosing ways of airports to major cities such as Narita to Tokyo.


In this blog post, I will recommend taking an airport bus as a very useful and simple transportation available at low cost among all other means.

When you would choose to move by train as the first, you might have worries like this:


I was able to research the following route of transportation I wish to take on a weekday, 9pm:

Take the Tokyo Monorail to JR Hamamatsucho station;

change to the JR line and come to JR Tokyo station.

However, I read conflicting information regarding purchase of tickets. Can I purchase this ticket with credit card, or do I need cash for this ticket.

Any other helpful advice would be welcome (such as space for luggage, ease of using ticket machine etc).


Sourced from a question through tripadvisor Tokyo Travel Forum: Transportation From HND to Tokyo Station

It is quite natural to ask like that. If you choose to move by train, before getting the first accommodation in Japan, you need to get over several procedures.


Of course, if you get accustomed buying tickets (thru counter, vending machine) and transferring trains (lines, other means like monorail), it might be better to take trains in some cases because they bring you quicker to city than buses.


But remember, even many Japanese use an airport bus after arriving at an airport simply because using an airport bus is useful and available at low cost.

And more than anything, it is one of the most smartest way to avoid the notorious jam-packed trains.

How about spending your DAY 1 in Japan just focusing on scenes spread in front of you without taking a time for annoying procedures.


Even after settling down in your first accommodation, it’s not too late when you start to research how to get around Japan by trains or other means. And, at hotel, you also can ask staffs about it in detail (how about internet connectivity? Here you are!).


LightPocket has made a comparison chart of airport buses for major bus routes.


Japan International Airport Bus Transportation | VisitJapanPlaces


This page is made for providing essential information of major bus routes between Narita, Kansai, Haneda airports to cities.


After clicking “Airport Bus” section, you can see a comparison chart with which you can compare major specs such as Bus Company, To/From, fare price, how much time approximately required, and Wi-Fi availability (listed as possible as they indicated).



Click blue “Details” icons to see the details, including available payment methods, luggage allowance, and more.



Normally, you can purchase bus tickets just before boarding through vending machines or counters at the airport. It varies depending on bus companies.


In addition to that, this website also has “Bus Station” section on the universal navigation bar.

In this section, you can see the same type of charts based on bus stations.



Keep in mind that the bus ride might be long due to traffic.

But remember, it will surely bring you to the place you want to go without thinking about how to get to it.


For Further Information, Ask Me

While I searched and compiled to solve the issue, you might still have lots of worries about it.

As long as I possible, I will reply to your requests and add information based on that.

Feel free to send me an inquiry through the link below or just comment here.


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Good trip starts from good preparation.
Hope your travel in Japan will be memorable.


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The contents of this article are from the data taken as of November 3rd, 2018. If you noticed what I missed updating something, it would be great that you report that!



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