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(Supervisor and Contributor of Telecommunications Articles)

Engaged in system development and marketing, Momo has been involved in Japan’s telecommunications industry since 2015, leveraging expertise in telecommunications services as a specialist to supervise and contribute articles. Providing advice and support to companies on mobile products and purchases, Momo is well-versed in smartphones, SIM cards (eSIM), and Pocket Wi-Fi. Additionally, actively involved in the operation of telecommunications services.


Notified Telecommunications Carrier:A-29-15772

LightPocket is a Tokyo-based company established to solve one big issue facing visitors to Japan: Unstable internet connections.

When traveling to Japan, a majority of people finds that they cannot easily get connected with the internet.
Although the number of public WiFi spots are increasing, they are still insufficient in terms of security, stability, data limits, throttling and communication speed. The choices are very inconvenient, even for locals.

Don’t let yourself be captured in such a cage, and escape from the stress of poor internet services.
To stay easily and reasonably connected when you travel around Japan, how about renting a superior pocket WiFi router or a data reliable SIM card?
LightPocket provides high speed and stable data communication services with proven reliability.

If you are considering renting a pocket WiFi or buying a SIM card directly at the airport after arrival, unfortunately, chances are you can not always rent/buy it because their stock inventory at airport shops is limited, and they often run out, especially during peak seasons (March, April, November, December). When you arrive in Japan, you may find yourself in a long line, for a long time, just to get pocket WiFi or a SIM card.