Alternative way to shipping suitcases and luggage to your vacation rental (Airbnb) during your stay in Japan

One of the most common problems travelers face in Japan is the difficulty in accessing convenient Internet services. The limited availability and ease of use of free Wi-Fi also contributes to this problem. However, this problem can be easily solved by reserving pocket Wi-Fi before the trip.
Please book a Pocket Wi-Fi before coming to Japan.

While traveling, dealing with luggage can be cumbersome. Though airports and hotels offer luggage delivery services, Airbnb stays pose unique challenges.

It is not possible to send luggage to Airbnb accommodations unless one of the following conditions is met
It has a reception desk like a hotel. Or, It is registered as a residence and has residents.

This matter is also discussed on the website of Yamato Transport, Japan’s leading delivery service.

Can I ship my luggage to a vacation rental (Airbnb) in Japan?
On condition the reception desk staff are available at the vacation rental facility and ready to receive it on behalf of you (the customer), then, it will be possible.
※Delivery will take at least one to three days, depending on the delivery area.

You cannot send luggage/parcel to a vacation rental with our delivery service if there is no reception desk at the vacation rental facility.
As an alternative way, on condition you let us know on the Waybill a Japanese phone number where you can be reached, you can address luggage/parcel to Yamato Transport Sales Office near your vacation rental.

If you would like to send luggage/parcel with our delivery service, make a pickup request online (through the inquiry form on our website) or by calling us.
Or, as an alternative way, send it by dropping it off at Yamato Transport Sales Office or Yamato Transport Agency.

Airbnb guests may face uncertainty about receiving their belongings, but alternative solutions exist.

Using Post Offices for Delivery

When you need to send or receive items during your stay, especially when staying at an Airbnb, consider utilizing Japan’s extensive network of post offices.

Using Post Office Hold Service (局留め)

– Japan boasts numerous post offices conveniently located, often near train stations.
– Avail the free service called “局留め” (hold service) at these post offices to send and receive items.
– If you’re staying at an Airbnb, it’s advisable to choose a post office near your accommodation.

Whether it’s your Pocket Wi-Fi or Prepaid SIM card, you can conveniently reserve and pick them up at a post office.

How to receive your packages at a Post Office

1. Provide the tracking number used for shipping.
2. Present a form of identification, such as your passport.
That’s all. Very simple!

Important Considerations

1. Recipient’s Name

Ensure that the recipient’s name on the package matches the name on your identification. Post offices won’t release items if the names don’t match.

2. Post Office Operating Hours

While some post offices operate year-round, smaller ones may only be open on weekdays. Check the operating hours to plan your package pickup accordingly.

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