Japan Travel Answer & Solution: What’s The Difference Between “Standard” & “Premium” Pocket WiFi Plans?


I received a very interesting inquiry from an international visitor to Japan, asking

At some websites of portable WiFi device, they offer some premium models for Hokkaido or rural places.

If I rent standard WiFi device and just go to cities like Sapporo, Asahikawa, Abashiri, etc., can’t I use standard WiFi device?

Here on this blog, I’d like to answer this question, and propose a solution to it.


First of all, you can use a standard WiFi device, of course.
As far as the network, there are technically no differences between standard WiFi routers and so-called premium ones.

In Japan, most companies offering SIM card or pocket WiFi practically use only 3 mobile network providers: Docomo, au (KDDI), and SoftBank.

Based on the same network coverages offered by the three, they compete with each other with their “original” plans. Such plans differ on prices, usable periods, campaigns, etc.

And more importantly, as far as you do not go to far-away-spots from cities, you will be connected with the internet.

If you have the exact place to go and have a slightest worry on the connectivity, I can check the network coverage on behalf of you on the official websites of the three in Japanese.


LightPocket Website Contact Form


Lastly, I put a (almost) comprehensive comparison lists of Japanese SIM Card/pocket WiFi router providers so that you can search until you are satisfied with.

Japan Prepaid SIM Cards / Rental Pocket WiFi Routers Comprehensive Comparison Lists

Hope you’ll have a wonderful experience in Japan.