Which Is The Best Option to Rent A Pocket WiFi at Naha Airport (沖縄)?

You can rent a pocket WiFi router at the Naha Airport, and can rent it once after arriving as Naha Airport, which has counters specializing in renting pocket WiFi routers.

What kind of a rental service is the best for people who has a plan to rent a pocket WiFi router at Naha Airport?

About Renting A Pocket WiFi Router at Naha Airport

Physical stores at Naha Airport offer their pocket WiFi routers at fixed prices, which are expensive because they include applicable governmental fees and airport taxes.
In addition to that, you can see long lines of lots of tourists, who compete for renting a portable WiFi device.
Also, you might not be able to rent any pocket WiFi router if their stock run out.

On the contrary, if you choose online rental service, there is no need to sign up for renting at the counters and you also can select a device and a plan which suit best for your travel style.
Most online services do not have their own counters, however, they can send your portable WiFi router to a post office in Naha Airport.

Among online rental service providers, some have counters at Naha Airport specializing in pick-up for rental devices for their users. Although they surely are useful, their products are tend to be pricey because they added airport fees on the prices.

Receiving A Pocket WiFi Router at The Post Office in Naha Airport

Without any reservation, renting a portable WiFi device just after arriving at the airport could cause some troubles such as: high prices, shortage of stock, and lengthy procedure.

If only you made a reservation, even if you select a provider who does not have any counters at the airport, there are some who can send a pocket WiFi router to the post office in the airport.

LightPocket can deliver a portable WiFi device to the post offices at Naha Airport, of course.

Post Office in Naha Airport

1st Floor Arrival Lobby


According to the map above, Naha airport has a post office on the first floor.

[Location] Arrival Lobby, 1st Floor
[Hours] 9:00 – 17:00 (Open 365 days a year, excluding the year end/ new year holidays)

Which Company Is the Best to Rent A Pocket WiFi From in Naha Airport?

Not select a service by the popularity of a company, but select the service which suits best to your travel style.

If you need a large amount of data for sharing it with several people, you should check how large amount of data they can offer in their plan.
If you not need such a large amount and just using it for Google Map or social networking service, you can rent it at very reasonable price.
If you have a plan to get around lots of various places in Japan, you need a portable WiFi device supported by a large coverage.

Let’s Receive A Pocket WiFi Router Offered by LightPocket

You can receive a portable WiFi device offered by LightPocket at the post office in Naha Airport.
When you return it, all you have to do is just drop it to any post office located almost everywhere around Japan.
It does not cost you any return fee.

Sharing Data with Family and Friends

Over 3 People

Pocket WiFi SoftBank Unlimited
Basically unlimited speed.
It might be limited if 5GB/day consumption continues for several days in a row.

Under 3 People

Pocket WiFi DoCoMo 500MB/day
Speed down to 256Kbps if over 500MB/day.
The limitation will be lifted the following day. The network coverage offered by SoftBank and NTT Docomo are practically widest among all the networks offered by various companies. Therefore, if a pocket WiFi router with their networks could not be connected with the internet, this practically means that other networks do the same.

Data Communication For About 10GB/Month

Pocket Wi-Fi Docomo 350MB/day
Speed down to 256Kbps if over 350MB/day.
The limitation will be lifted the following day.

350MB/Day means that you can use about 10GB data communication per month.
The average of data consumption by Japanese is less than 3GB/Month.
10GB/Month is three times higher than 3GB/Month, and you can say that 10GB/Month is a sufficient amount of data will satisfy you unless you do not watch lots of movies or play games everyday.

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