Interneting in Japan: You’d Better NOT to Download Big Data On Shinkansen

You’d better not to download big data on Shinkansen, bullet trains getting around Japan.
Shinkansen surely is super useful. It brings you to all over the country very smoothly and rapidly.
But as for internet use, it’ll be another story.
The reason is quite easy to understand. Because – either long or short – Japan has lots of railway tunnels throughout the country.
That’s why, it’s not recommended to download big data on Shinkansen.
Of course, you can use the internet itself.
But if you still want to watch some movies or skype with your friends to have a long chat, your connection will be disrupted.
Like . . . someone wake you up every time you are about to sleep.
If you want to download such big data, you should do it when you are at a temporary base that you stay for a long time.
In Shinkansen, rather than interneting, you’d better to eat yummy Ekiben, get some nap, and enjoy beautiful scenery occasionally appears between tunnels!

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