Can I Still Get Connected with Japan Prepaid SIM/Pocket WiFi? / Case 1: Mt.Fuji

Checking map, contacting with people, searching for something, etc. etc.
Internetting is essential, especially you travel abroad.

But, even at famous tourist spots, Japan sometimes has no connectivity with the internet.
How do you know that beforehand?

Japanese 3 major mobile phone company companies NTT DoCoMo, au (KDDI), and SoftBank provide the maps, showing how far each company’s frequency reach.

But unfortunately, these are available only in Japanese.
So, in this page, I checked it on behalf of you.


Case 1: Mt.Fuji


First of all, for a limited time of period roughly between July through September, you can get connected around the summit.
The three companies specially offer it to make countless numbers of visitors every year easily be connected.
Beyond that, SoftBank is the best. They offers almost the entire area of the mountain.
The remains only cover a half of the area.
Although they are available only in Japanese,
I just put links to network compatibility maps offered by them in one place.
au (KDDI)

Good trip starts from good preparation.
Hope your travel in Japan will be memorable.

The contents of this article are from the data taken as of July 13th, 2017, and each company’s connectivity is changing (mostly improving) monthly.

Sourced from:
KDDI、7月4日に富士山頂をLTEエリア化 無料Wi-Fiも提供

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