Very easy! How to return a Pocket Wi-Fi in Japan- Common return methods of many rental services

To stay connected while traveling in Japan, you’ll need to either purchase a prepaid SIM or eSIM or rent a Pocket Wi-Fi.
Free Wi-Fi in Japan is limited and requires cumbersome procedures, making it inconvenient.
Many travelers to Japan opt for prepaid SIM cards, purchase eSIMs online, or rent Pocket Wi-Fi.
Pocket Wi-Fi has become very popular recently due to its superior communication quality over prepaid SIM and eSIM.

It’s a good idea to reserve your Pocket Wi-Fi before you arrive in Japan and arrange to pick it up at the airport or your Hotel.

If you’ve landed on this article, you may be considering renting a Pocket Wi-Fi in Japan. While various articles and websites recommend Pocket Wi-Fi as the best option, it’s important to note that as a rental service, it requires to return policy. Many people are curious about how to return a Pocket Wi-Fi in Japan.

This article aims to explain the return policy for Pocket Wi-Fi rented in Japan.
Many rental services in Japan have the same return policy.

Pocket Wi-Fi Return process in Japan

When you rent Pocket Wi-Fi from a Japanese company through online , they typically include a return envelope along with the Pocket Wi-Fi.
Whether you receive it at Narita Airport and return it at Kansai Airport or pick it up in Hokkaido and return it from Okinawa, you can return for free by the return envelope from anywhere in Japan.

The process for returning Pocket Wi-Fi is straightforward:

  1. Put the pocket wifi into the prepaid envelope*
  2. Find a red post box
  3. Drop it

1.Put the pocket wifi into the prepaid envelope

All you need to do is put all items(devices, AC adapters, cables, etc.) into your prepaid envelope.

Pocket WiFi unit, Charging Cable and AC adapter

Return Envelope
The image is LetterPack. Many rental services will provide the above letterpack. Some services have their own return envelopes, but the return procedure is the same.

2.Find a red post box

Once you have thrown all the rental items into the return envelope the next step is locating one of the red post boxes that are everywhere in Japan.
There are many post box everywhere in Japan!
(There are some post boxes and post offices in major airports in Japan.
*Note: Please make sure to drop-off your return package before proceeding to security check.)

3.Drop the return envelope into the post box

dropping the return envelope into a post box in Japan. Now you have returned the Pocket WiFi unit.

The rental company will receive the Pocket Wi-Fi faster if you return it from a city such as Tokyo or Osaka, rather than from Okinawa or Hokkaido.


There are also a few things to keep in mind when returning your pocket Wi-Fi. These are common to all companies, so please make sure you understand them.

Return at the airport

There are no postboxes after the security gate at the airport. Please make sure to send it out before going though the security gate.

If you lose the return envelope

If you have lost the return envelope, Please contact the rental company.

Incidentally, the following two services provide instructions on their Web sites for lost return envelopes, and those instructions are common and very simple.

Reference pages
LightPocket : If you lose the return envelope
GAC : Rental FAQ
Excerpt from LightPocket Lost Return Envelope

If you lose the return envelope

Please prepare an envelope, pay the postage and send all the rental items directly to our office address shown on the bottom of this page. Note that we will not reimburse you for the return postage.Please go to any Japan Post Office or Lawson convenience store and get a (Letter Pack Lite), which costs 370 yen.

If you rent a pocket Wi-Fi using an online service in Japan, you return it in much the same way.
It is very easy. Japanese people use the same method.
Some services have special requirements, such as requiring return at the airport counter, but if you inquire, they may accept your return in the same way as if you had lost the return envelope described above.

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I am Japanese and my nickname is Momo. I have been working in the mobile telecommunications industry for about 7 years and am familiar with Japanese telecommunications services. Although my English is not very good, I would like to provide useful telecommunication-related information to those who stay in Japan as accurately as possible.

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