Farewell, Free WiFi Paradise in Japan

This might be not a good news for international travelers to Japan, but perhaps it should have come at some point to 2020.

Free WiFi spots in Japan are highly likely to be regulated in the near future.

The Japan government Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) firmed up a policy to regulate public wireless LAN access points, which are available to access for free without password, to avoid dangers of information leakage and cyber attacks.

In this blog, I’ve already wrote about free WiFi spots in Japan with a trilogy “Are Free WiFi Spots in Japan Really Useful?” In its second article, I focused on security issues free WiFi spots have, writing, “Free WiFi Spots are public WiFi, and they are far from secure.”

Yes, under the current situation on public WiFi in Japan, I am rather optimistic to this regulation.

According to the SankeiBiz news, an advisory committee for the policy will compile issues before the end of this fiscal year, and based on that, they will revise the policy for providers of public wireless LAN in the next year.

Still it has not to be concretely fixed, in any case, credibility will be an important key to connect to the internet firmly and safely. In this perspective, renting a pocket WiFi router might be the best way to solve that issue.

If you are interested in renting a secure pocket WiFi service in Japan, just take a look a (almost) comprehensive list of Japanese pocket WiFi service list, which might show you the way.

Rental Portable Wifi Service in Japan

And if you have any slightest concern about it, feel free to ask me.

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