Narita Airport Pocket WiFi Rental Comparison

About 50% of all international travelers use Narita International Airport (NRT) for entering and leaving Japan. There are many services and amenities to international travelers at the airport.

Many international travelers ask whether the renting portable WiFi is necessary or not during their stay in Japan. Although Japan have many free WiFi hotspots throughout city hubs and possibly even if in rural areas, this is not the case. Furthermore, if you plan on bringing your smartphone with you, be aware that you won’t be able to connect to 4G/LTE network comfortably.

Fortunately, portable WiFi is relatively easy to rent with many services at Narita International Airport.
One such service for international travelers is picking up a portable WiFi rental, which can easily be found at various rental counters at the airport.

Narita Airport’s website provide a list of WiFi rental services located within the airport terminals that can rent you a Portable wifi.
we compared the rental plans of services that offer same day pickup.

ServiceAir’sG-CALLJAL ABC RENTALTelecomsquareJAPAN WiFi
Sundays & National Holidays07:00-21:00ClosedClosedClosedClosed
Daily Fee¥1500¥350¥1290¥1296¥780
Shipping fee¥0¥1000¥0¥0¥0
7 days plan¥9100¥3450¥12907¥5500¥5896
Data CapUnlimited????

Renting a portable wifi at the Narita airpot’s service counter is a good option if you are in an emergency situation.
But the service counters often run out of available portable WiFi devices and you need to pay a lot.

Picking up Pocket wifi at Narita airport’s post office is one of good option,
if you have a couple days before your flight to Japan.

We provide reasonable price and fast pocket Wifi
from ¥200 / per day.
You can pick up at the Narita airport and other airports.
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Japan Pocket Wifi Rental