Fuji-Q Highland Admission Fee Will Be Free & Practically Be User Friendly

All lovers of Japanese amusement parks must check: The Price of the entrance ticket of Fuji-Q Highland (1,500YEN/Adult) will be free parmanently from this summer.


If you are very cautious, you might think that there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

That’s, partially, right.


Along with the free admission offer, Fuji-Q Highland has announced that they are going to raise a ticket price for each attraction. And at this stage, they have not revealed how much they will increase the prices.


However, they have made one important (and VERY appealing) announcement.
That is, they will NOT change the price of Free Pass (5,700YEN/Adult).


Let’s take a minute for an easy calculation.

If the ticket prices would be increased two times higher than the original prices, this means that very popular attractions like FUJIYAMA and DODODONPA would cost you 2,000YEN each.


Even this bad scenario would be come true,

you can break even right away just for using the free pass at least for three times.


So, this offer practically is user friendly.


If you have a plan to spend whole day at Fuji-Q Highland this summer, this news should excite you.


Sourced from:

Fuji-Q Highland Announcement (Japanese)

Image Sourced from Front Page of Fuji-Q Highland Official Page

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