Japanese local Temple’s food festival

Recently in Japan, some temples hold events, using their large site and main halls. Many kinds of events are held in Japanese temples. For example, Yoga, Zen meditation, transcribing a sutra and activities leading to marriage and etc.
This time we introduce a food festival which was organized by a temple.

Anyone can participate in the event freely

Although it was organized by the temple, everyone is welcome to the event.

The event was bustling with many local people of all ages.

The event’s theme was “food”

As a theme of this event was “food”, you can buy products directly from producers. For example, you can get fresh vegetables, homemade side dishes, sweets.

Among these, we choose a homemade popcorn and side dishes. It was so delicious and we can feel a producer’s love to the products.

Enjoy relaxing atmosphere of the temple

A silent space is opened to eat foods which you bought at the market and rest viewing a beautiful Japanese yard.

It is grateful that free drink service is offered.

There is also a transcribing a sutra experience booth. So you can experience it under the bleu sky and you can relax.


It was a wonderful day that we were able to feel a importance of foods through this event. Also it was a good opportunity to communicate with producers of foods and spend times with local people.

As it is described above, many temples hold events by elaborating ideas. How about participated in these event which you like for memories of your trip? It will be a good experience for you to feel a calm and unique atmosphere of the temple.

Enyu Temple official

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