Renting a Pocket Wifi in Japan is the best way to share the internet connection with family and friends

If you are wondering how best to stay connected while you are staying in Japan, a wifi router is the solution.

Data usage is larger than prepaid sim card.
connect to up to 10 devices at one time.
Supports 4G LTE.
Supports all types of devices(iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphones, PC and Mac laptops, cameras, and others)

It is very easy to use.
1. Turn the router on
2. Select the network from your device
3. Enter the password

Case: Two people stayed in Japan for 14 days

User: 2
Period : 14 days

Prepaid SIM card

Price : ¥3000
Data Usage : 3GB per Prepaid SIM

If you use prepaid SIM card, you need 2 for each smartphone.
It takes around 6000 yen for total price.
You can use around 210 MB per day.

Prepaid SIM card seemingly looks convenient as there is no need to return it. However, there are a lot of cases regarding to prepaid SIM card that they found that it does not work after they bought it.

Major reasons causing such troubles are:
Your device does not compatible with any frequency bands in Japan.
Your device locked.
Your device unlocked, but region locked.
Wrong SIM card size.
Bad communication situation at places you stay.

It is very hard to make sure each of them is okay or not before you actually arrive in Japan.
Once you bought a prepaid SIM card, you can not get any refund even if the card did not work.
You will end up really disappointed. And the cases are continuing to happen a lot.

2GB in 14 days.

This is said to be the most common use case for pocket WiFi routers used by visitors to Japan or people staying in Japan for a short period.
Based on that, LightPocket succeeded to make plans at reasonable prices by contracting the optimized data capacity with telecommunications companies.

We recommend our 2 plans for sharing data.

Our Wifi Plans for 14 days Rental

There are affordable and good battery life.
Easy to Rent.
You can pick up airports and any where in Japan.

pocket wifi

Pocket Wi-Fi Docomo 500MB/day
(¥380/per day)
Speed down to 256Kbps if over 500MB/day.
The limition will be lifted the following day.

It takes around 5320 yen for total price.

Pocket Wi-Fi Softbank Unlimited
(¥440/per day)
Basically unlimited speed.
It might be limited if 5GB/day consumption continues for several days in a row.

It takes around 6200 yen for total price.