3 Recommended Websites To Learn Japanese More Faster, Smarter, and Enjoyable

Imagine that — when you get around Japan –, you could speak and read Japanese fluently same as people living in Japan. You can easily assume that you might be able to get a lot from Japan far more than you cannot.


But, learning Japanese is easy?
Unfortunately, I cannot to say that is yes.
As you might have already known, Japanese has been said as “one of the most difficult languages to learn.”


However, hope exists everywhere as you just want to see it.


Reading, writing, listening, and speaking . . . although it seems that tough things lie ahead to us to learn Japanese, I think that there is only one thing to get the things done without giving up.


That is . . . enjoying!


In this blog post, instead of you, I have curated three websites which might excite, motivate, and encourage you to learn Japanese. Let’s be extremely efficient at learning to avoid the hard things.


Dogen: Advanced Japanese Lesson

Watch funniest and very interesting successive video posts through his YouTube channel, “Advanced Japanese Lesson,” you will learn a lot.

If you haven’t known him at all, that’s absolutely no problem because he takes a great effort on choosing topics which are very common in talking between Japanese and people from outside of Japan. And, more importantly, all of the videos have English great subtitles and his pronunciation is very correct.


Tofugu: A Japanese Culture & Language Blog

Just follow Tofugu’s twitter feed, it will excite you with fun posts regarding with Japanese. Then, you’ll be ready for absorbing Japanese culture and understand what especially you are interested in Japanese.

Tofugu is one of the biggest information sources on learning Japanese. They started out as a college course project in 2008. That’s why I can recommend this website to you with much confidence.

At the same time, as you might have instantly noticed, they offer very edgy and diverse topics that even Japanese bloggers rarely stick with it due to the lack of knowledge. If you read articles thoroughly from Tofugu, you might be called “professor” by some Japanese friends.

More than anything else, their pages and topics are very organized, cute, and exciting, which are very important keys to make yourself motivated.


JapanesePod101: Learn Japanese Online with Podcasts

Sooner or later, you might come to feel stepping up with “rather” traditional materials. Then, JapanesePod101 might meet such needs. Their contents mainly features Japanese, who speak in English fluently, introducing lots of things regarding Japan.

Although JapanesePod101 is a subscription service, you can get nice weekly updates for free of charge. The picture below is one example, “Word of the Day” newsletter.

One of the important things to learn is keep keeping on everyday, even it is a very tiny fraction of it.
To start off learn Japanese, it might be good idea just subscribing their newsletters.


By the way, one of my friends used to say about that she was studying Japanese just for love of Arashi (Japanese popular idol group).
She got an irresistible desire to study Japanese when she was watching the cool guys talking something in Japanese in TV shows. Without thinking of how tough to learn Japanese, and without any Japanese text books, she just got almost all of the language from TV shows and YouTube videos.


Well, this might sounds a bit crazy to you.
But I know some of my friends learned Japanese like so, and they are very fluent.


Hope you guys find something worth devoting your time and be absorbed to it, and resulted to be a fluent Japanese user very naturally.