Which Is The Best Option to Rent A Pocket WiFi at Narita Airport (Chiba)?

You can rent a pocket WiFi router at the Narita Airport, and can rent it once after arriving as Narita Airport, which has counters specializing in renting pocket WiFi routers. What kind of a rental service is the best for people who has a plan to rent a pocket WiFi […]

Comprehensive Lists of Prepaid SIM Cards Sold at Convenience Stores at Narita Airport (2018 April Edition)

A number of foreign travelers to Japan is increasing every year, and you might have already known, that number is dramatically increasing especially recently. To meet the high demand of the internet connection by such people, Narita airport, the most used airport as a gateway to Japan, has lots of […]

Japan Pocket WiFi Rental Best Solution: Pre-order It!

If you are going to rent a pocket WiFi router in your travel in Japan, I strongly recommend that you pre-order it, not order it. In this blog post, I will write the reason why you had better pre-order a pocket WiFi. *If you are still searching which ways you should take […]

Narita Airport Pocket WiFi Rental Comparison

About 50% of all international travelers use Narita International Airport (NRT) for entering and leaving Japan. There are many services and amenities to international travelers at the airport. Many international travelers ask whether the renting portable WiFi is necessary or not during their stay in Japan. Although Japan have many […]