The guide to rent a pocket Wifi in Japan

If you’re planning a trip to Japan or stay in Japan for the long term, you should start thinking about how to stay connected and renting a Pocket Wifi. It provides a comfortable Internet connection and handy in Japan.

What is Pocket Wifi?

the Pocket Wifi is a small portable wifi router that acts as a mobile WiFi hotspot and establishes high-speed broadband connectivity that can be shared by up to 10 users at a time. It is easier to set up than prepaid SIM cards, especially useful if you are traveling in a group or have multiple devices (e.g. two smartphones, a tablet, laptop). Public WiFi hotspots are not good in Japan. By using it, it’s easy to be always connected, you can easily communicate with family and friends, upload to social media and research things on the go .

Prepaid SIM cards or Pocket Wifi

In Japan, Prepaid SIM cards are heavily regulated, especially in terms of a voice call function and picking up. Which means, it is not easy to get one straight from the stores except at Airports. Because there are not so many shops selling Prepaid SIM cards. On the other hands, you can get a Pocket Wifi at airports, hotels and accommodations, if you book it online maybe a week in advance.

How to rent a pocket WiFi in Japan?

Renting a pocket WiFi in Japan is very easy. You can either pre-order it online before you set off, or you can rent it at Narita, Kansai Haneda,and other airports. However, we strongly recommend to order it online before you go to avoid any disappointments when you arrive. During busy periods, a pocket wifi may be sold out at the airport counter.
Ordering online also gives you the opportunity to compare prices and get the best deals. It allows you to select options like whether you want to collect it at the airport or have it delivered to your hotel.
It’s actually fairly easy to book a pocket WiFi router online. All you need to do is fill out an online application to select the device you prefer, the rental period, your preferred pick-up location and your details. You don’t need to wait a long time at the airports to rent and you can get it when you arrive. If you rent a pocket wifi at the airport without a reservation, you may regret it because you need to wait a long time to fill out an application and also the price at the airport is expensive

How to use a Pocket Wifi?

Once you’ve got a pocket wifi you just switch it on, connect to it from your devices and that’s it, you have the internet at your disposal. Just before you leave Japan you can return the router in the prepaid envelope provided, just pop it into a post box.
The Pocket WiFi battery lasts around 8 hours for continuous usage.

What are the advantages of pocket WiFi?

1.No roaming charges
A pocket WiFi you will save a lot of money on roaming charges.

2. Works with any WiFi-enabled device.
A Pocket WiFi is flexible in terms of device compatibility. Just like your router at home, it is designed to automatically connect you to the Internet using a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop.

3 Easy to set up.
Simply tap Network Name (SSID) and enter the password.

4.Super fast Internet speed.
You can expect Pocket WiFi devices to provide stable and fast speed for both upload and download. Pocket WiFi provides much faster internet speed than any prepaid SIM cards

5. A Pocket WiFi connection can be shared with multiple devices and people.
You can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously, without having the speed compromised significantly for each connected device.
if you are several people traveling together. Instead of buying a separate SIM card for each smartphone, with a pocket WiFi, you can connect numerous devices at the same time.

A pocket WiFi creates a private and secure connection to your device, unlike public WiFi hotspots (such as in a restaurant, hotel, airport, train, etc), which are often not secure.

Why you should choose Our Pocket Wifi

1. Easy to collect and return

LightPocket can deliver a Pocket Wifi to any places in Japan where you want to collect it (e.g. Airports, Hotels, accommodations and so on). It allows you to pick it up smoothly without waiting long times and complicated procedure.

The way of returning is also simple. You only have to put a Pocket Wifi into our return envelope and put it into the mailbox. Of course, you don’t need to pay the shipping charge for returning.

2. Reasonable Price

We have many varieties of plans depending on the length of stay and they are flexible and reasonable. There are also plans for both of heavy Internet users and casual Internet users. So you can choose freely an optimal plan for you among these plans. It provides you reasonable price service.

3. Partial refund service

We refund you the total payment after deducting a shipping fee and a handling fee, if there are special circumstances as follows:
You can’t collect Pocket Wifi for some reasons.
You can’t use Pocket Wifi as you stay in a weak signal area.
Or other unavoidable circumstances

Get hold of any of our Pocket Wifi today and experience mobile internet on the go.
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