Prepaid SIM or Pocket WiFi? Try Easy Checker for Your Best Internet Connection in Your Japan Travel

Every week, somewhere in forums regarding Japan travel, almost the same topics are posted repeatedly, one after another. That is, “During my trip to Japan, can I get connected with the internet?” Some of them, who posted such topic, even might not know differences between SIM cards and pocket WiFi […]

A Solution to the False “Unlimited”: Japan Prepaid SIM/Pocket WiFi Service Frequent Misunderstanding (1)

Last time, I posted an article about one of the frequent misunderstandings regarding Japan Prepaid SIM/Pocket WiFi service. That is, Japan SIM/WiFi providers often use “Unlimited” on their service descriptions but its not necessarily appropriate.   More specifically, it just might confuse users because of the following reasons.   Data […]

True Meaning of “Unlimited”: Japan Prepaid SIM/Pocket WiFi Service Frequent Misunderstanding

One day, I came across a painful message about Japan SIM/WiFi service, saying   @VisitJapanPlace hey Yohei, looking thru your Japan WiFi / MiFi lists. Question: I have exp. with false “unlimited”. I need true unthrottled — Swoll Wyll (@SwollWyll) 2017年6月30日 In this page, I will try to remove the […]