Which Is The Best Option to Rent A Pocket WiFi at New Chitose Airport (Hokkaido)?

You can rent a pocket WiFi router at the New Chitose Airport, and can rent it once after arriving as New Chitose Airport has counters specializing in renting pocket WiFi routers. What kind of a rental service is the best for people who has a plan to rent a pocket […]

The Best Internet Contract for Staying in Japan for More Than 30 Days But Less Than 2 Years

If you visit to Japan for various purposes such as studying and business, you might be staying in Japan much longer than tourists. During staying for a long period of time in Japan, disconnected to the internet is very inconvenient. However, network conditions in Japan are very complicated and hard […]

One Major Problem at Airbnb in Japan: Failure to Receive Your Luggage: Part 2

Major Reasons to Fail to Receive Your Luggage at Airbnb in Japan Address Info: Lack of The Name of The Building If there is no exact name of the building where your luggage will be delivered, a delivery company will/can not deliver yours. There are many cases that multiple buildings […]

Are Free WiFi Spots in Japan Really Useful? Part 3: Ambiguity Problem & Solutions

This is the last part out of 3 consecutive blog posts, “Are Free WiFi Spots in Japan Really Useful?” If you are directly come to here, you may want to start the part 1 here.   Well, following the last article, I will write about the last major reason why […]


How to Set APN profile to iPhone – LightPocket SIM Card

iPhone APN Settings Preparation If your iPhone has another company’s profile, please delete that profile. How to Delete an iPhone Profile Tap the “Settings” icon on your iPhone. Tap “General,” then tap “Profiles.” Tap the profile you wish to delete, then tap the red “Remove” button. Confirm by tapping “Remove” […]