From 2019 Spring, You Will Be Able to Book Train Tickets Online from JR-WEST Directly

This will be a totally great news for international travelers to Japan, especially who’ve been breaking their neck trying to get a train ticket to avoid any hassle after they arrive in Japan. JR-WEST (West Japan Railway Company) announced that they will start offering an online ticketing service “JR-WEST ONLINE […]

In 2018, WiFi Situation On Shinkansen Will Be Changed Dramatically

Good news about Japan travel should be sent to everyone having a plan to visit Japan as soon as possible. Shinkansen, or bullet trains in Japan, will approach on our side next year. JR East & JR West officially announced simultaneously last week that they are starting offering public wireless LAN […]

Transportation Route Guides All Over Japan: Railway Services w/ Recommended Spots

According to the Japan Tourism Agency’s report, one of the biggest concerns about Japan travel is how to get information about a public transportation route to a destination in Japan. Japan has a well-developed and large network of public transportation, in which a tremendous number of routes by rails, buses, […]