Japan Travel Tips: Luggage Transfer & Storage Service List

Getting around Japan with your suitcases is, tough. They annoy you as they are heavy and it’s hard for you to walk with for a long distance. Even enjoyable Japan travel could decrease its enjoyment. I think that, before/during Japan travel, people having that kind of a problem, which needs […]

All Japan Travelers Must Check: Sending & Receiving Packages Will Dramatically Be Easy

Definitely worth using service for every travelers to Japan will appear from this October. Great news has just came in from Yamato Transport (Kuroneko Yamato), announcing that they will start a new service from October 1st, 2017. The service name is “TA-Q-BIN Center Uketori Service,” meaning that with this service, […]

[Feedback Appreciated] Address Verification Service for Airbnb Stay in Japan – Free Trial & Beta Ver –

We just have launched a service to help travelers on their journey to Japan. This is named, “Address Verification Service for Airbnb Stay in Japan.” Before/after/during you stay in Japan, it is very convenient to have a place to receive packages, including a pocket WiFi router, a prepaid SIM card, […]