Unicorn Gundam in Odaiba

Unicorn Gundam landed in Odaiba in Autumn 2017.
It is one of the recommended places to visit in Tokyo.

I went to Odaiba last weekend and stopped by in front of Unicorn Gundam.
There were so many people taking pictures.

The highlight of the new statue exhibition is the transformation from “Unicorn Mode” to “Destroy Mode”
In addition to deformation of the horn and face, parts such as the shoulders, waist and knees also move at a specified time.

In the night show, about 50 parts glow more brightly and you can enjoy it.

We introduce pictures of Unicorn Gundam on Instagram.
You can image how large and great mobile suite.

Check it, I went to see Gundam Unicorn. 🦄

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Gundam 💙

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Unicorn Gundam Statue Show

Day section
11:00 / 13:00 / 15:00 / 17:00

Night section
19:30 / 20:00 / 20:30 / 21:00 / 21:30