Japan Pocket WiFi Rental Best Solution: Pre-order It!

If you are going to rent a pocket WiFi router in your travel in Japan, I strongly recommend that you pre-order it, not order it. In this blog post, I will write the reason why you had better pre-order a pocket WiFi.

*If you are still searching which ways you should take for getting connected, try an easy checker for that, which I wrote about it on this blog titled “Prepaid SIM or Pocket WiFi? Try Easy Checker for Your Best Internet Connection in Your Japan Travel.”

Yes, as you’ve guessed, Even after arriving at Narita airport, you may still be able to rent a pocket WiFi.

However, I still strongly recommend that you pre-order the pocket WiFi beforehand.
Let me quote a few words explaining a reason why you should pre-order pocket WiFi router.

If you are considering renting a pocket WiFi or buying a SIM card at stores at Narita Airport Terminal 1 unfortunately, you can not always rent/buy it because their stock may run out.


Especially during peak season (March, April, December), you highly likely to feel very uncomfortable because you may find that there are no stock of pocket WiFi/Prepaid SIM or you have to wait in a long line for a long time. Also, their prices are very high.


Narita Airport Terminal 1 Pocket WiFi/Data SIM Rental Service


This is sourced from the page of Narita Airport Terminal 1 written at LightPocket,
one of Japanese companies offering pocket WiFi rental service.

In case you do not pre-order a Pocket WiFi and receive it at Narita Airport, you may have the following disadvantages:

  • Unavailable to rent the device due to a lack of stock during high season.
  • It takes too much time to the process of renting.
  • Ordering costs much more than pre-ordering.

That’s why, I recommend that you pre-order a pocket WiFi rental.
Just by pre-ordering it online, you can smoothly receive a pocket WiFi at a reasonable price.

There is a (almost) comprehensive list of providers, offering such rental service.


To receive a pocket WiFi through the providers below, there are two major places:
Airport Post Office and Dedicated Counter.

Major differences between them are:

  • If a provider sets an airport post office as a place to receive, shipping fee is relatively cheaper than the other.
  • Even if you cannot receive a pocket WiFi, some providers give you a refund or transfer it to a new address you provide.
  • Some providers set a dedicated counter a place to receive, and which tend to be located near the arrival lobby and has longer business hours than the other.
  • In case a provider has a dedicated counter, its rental cost tends to be higher accordingly.


Easiest Way to Return A Pocket WiFi: Just Drop It in Postbox

There are various methods for returning a pocket WiFi, and they vary depending on a provider.

However, some providers offer the easiest way to return among them.

They offer a prepaid return envelope, and all you have to do is place all rental items into the return envelope, seal it, and then drop it in postbox anywhere in Japan. Postboxes are located really at many locations such as airports, convenience stores (Lawson), and around stations.


. . . have you decided to rent a pocket WiFi by pre-ordering?


If so, take some more time to research along with the knowledge above, you will get far more benefits than you imagined.