Prepaid SIM or Pocket WiFi? Try Easy Checker for Your Best Internet Connection in Your Japan Travel

Every week, somewhere in forums regarding Japan travel, almost the same topics are posted repeatedly, one after another.

That is, “During my trip to Japan, can I get connected with the internet?”

Some of them, who posted such topic, even might not know differences between SIM cards and pocket WiFi routers. Although some might know the difference, some still might haven’t known where should to start for the best plan for their Japan travel.

To provide clear cut answers to such people, there is a web page titled, “Japanese SIM or WiFi: Which Fits You Best?”

How to use it is super easy and simple. Just choose a few answers from a few options shown. After 10 seconds (or less than, I guess), you will grab the essential information which shows you the next step you should take.

Japanese SIM or WiFi: Which Fits You Best?


Good trip starts from good preparation.
Hope your travel in Japan will be memorable.