Are Free WiFi Spots in Japan Really Useful? Part 2: Security Problem

This is the part 2 out of 3 consecutive blog posts, “Are Free WiFi Spots in Japan Really Useful?”
If you are directly come to here, you may want to read the part 1 here.

Well, following the last article, I will write about the second major reason why I don’t think that Free WiFi Spots in Japan is really useful.

To know them beforehand, you can avoid wasting your rare time during travel in Japan.
2. Security
Maybe I don’t have to emphasize it here as you all might have known it very well.
Free WiFi Spots are public WiFi, and they are far from secure.
This of course applies to Japan.
For example, it clearly is stated in a FAQ of Japan Connected-free WiFi, an app to shortcut inconvenience registration to use Free WiFi which I referred on the part 1 of this article.
It says:

Q. Can I connect to a site that requires a secure connection?
Q. This depends on the free Wi-Fi service.
To make a secure connection, please refer to the “Simple Manual for Wi-Fi Users” provided by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

*Although they said “please refer,” “Simple Manual for Wi-Fi Users” (PDF) is written in Japanese. Oh my.
Yes, it depends.
And in my opinion, in Japan, at this point,
there are much more Free WiFi service which are not secure than you imagine.
We have make it sure again on “Japan Connected-free WiFi.”
Its Terms of Condition on the app registration form says the following.

They do not support WEP or other security encryptions.
You might just forget when you use such useful app
as they connected automatically when they find Free WiFi spots.
No matter how they are secure or not.
. . . Maybe you had better to look for other solutions.
Next, I will write one last issue and solutions to them on the part 3.