Are Free WiFi Spots in Japan Really Useful? Part 1: Complexity Problem

No, it is completely not.
Unfortunately, I can not say that it is “really useful” at this point.


The reasons are many, and out of them,
To make it easy to understand, I’ve compiled them into 3 key problems:
Complexity, Security, and Ambiguity.
To know them beforehand, you can avoid wasting your rare time during travel in Japan.
1. Complexity
Some of Free WiFi Spots require registration, respectively.
Even worse, some of them respectively want your personal information
such as e-mail address, gender, and age.
*Although some do not require registration, you should be more careful using them in a security perspective in that case.
Okay, you agree that you share your personal information to get connected.
But imagine that you have to register every time you move.
That’s a hassle, especially as you want to get around many places in travel.
Of course, after looking for a hassle-free internetting in Japan,
soon you will find some apps to ease its complexity
such as “TRAVEL JAPAN WiFi” and “Japan Connected-free WiFi.”
With such apps, you just need to register and share your personal information just for once and they automatically provide Free WiFi when you reach spots.
However, before you use it, you have to download an app first and provide lots of information to them.
There ain’t no such thing as a true free lunch.
And more importantly, Free WiFi Spots themselves have some yet to be noted.
Let’s find out more on the part 2.