Tokyo Street Photos That I Love: #Roppongi (#六本木)

You might have already known that I, a blogger of LightPocket, am a photographer specializing in Tokyo, and taking pics of this city for years.

In this “Tokyo Street Photos” series, I’ve curated great pictures of Tokyo by the photographers/strollers I come across through everyday netsurfin.

This time, photos I’ve selected for this post are taken from Roppongi.

Hope you’ll like it, and hope they would be new goals of your travel in Japan.

My name is heion, and have been posted through various social network pages: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

My works are like this.

One of my photos taken in Roppongi is


Oh, if you come to Japan and get around places to take a photo like them.
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Good trip starts from good preparation.
Hope your travel in Japan will be memorable.