Useful Websites to Get Around Japan: Guide Websites Part.1

Curated websites and guide services for getting around Japan are rapidly increasing to meet the needs of the rising number of people visiting to Japan.

However, the more websites/services, the more complicated.

To untie it, LightPocket put them in one place sort by category to know which is the best suit for you easily. Use this page as your basement for your wonderful trip to Japan.


In Huber., you can talk about your trip casually with Japanese local guides via web chat. If you are interested in their suggestions, then you can book them as a guide for some fee. Although some of them are not professional guides, you can rely on them as they are real locals in the spot you are going to go.


2.Tokyo Free guide


TOKYO FREE GUIDE, as their service name indicates, offers travelers to Japan a free guided tour in Tokyo. They started this non-profit service in 2004 on a donation basis, and currently, they have over 350 volunteer guide members who speak at least one language besides Japanese (English, Spanish, Italian, and French). Their guide can explain the culture, navigate the transportation system, and show you places and sights you might not otherwise experience. On their Facebook timeline, you can see lots of feedback from participants and pictures of guides.

TOKYO FREE GUIDE also covers vicinities of Tokyo, including Kamakura.



LEVART is an online community where travelers and locals in Japan can communicate each other casually. They also offer TRAVEL HELP, consisting of Arranging Tickets, Restaurant Booking, Translation, Research, and General, in which you can ask specific questions. It might be good if you want to get answers from locals.





TripleLights is a hub to connect between a professional tour guide and a traveler to Japan having a slight concern about which guides to choose for the best experience. Professional certified guides introduce themselves and plans on YouTube videos so that you can check their personalities before you hire them.



Despite of your endless search of activities in Japan, it may result in vain as it sold already when you actually visit places. At VOYAJIN, you can book before you go with reasonable cost. Founder & CEO of VOYAJIN Masashi Takahashi started this service because of his personal trip to India where he got a great help from locals when he was at a loss what to do there. So, based on the story, VOYAJIN focuses on the customer support available with chat, Email, phones, and skype.

By the way, although you might not have known it, I (writer) am a lone guide helping getting around Tokyo online. If you have a plan to visit Tokyo sometime, it would be great that you count on me . . . !