Japan Guide Prices WILL be Lowered with High Probability

According to the statistics data of The Japan Tourism Agency, an expenditure for “on-site Japan tour guides” in 2016 is 12,080yen per person.

That number is almost equivalent to the topics in the same data such as: 10,992yen on “Other food, drink, alcohol & tobacco” and 11,606yen on “Golf courses/theme parks.”

Yes, you pay not a small amount of money on “on-site Japan tour guides.”


However, happily for travelers to Japan, there’s a great news.
That is, Japan guide prices will be lowered with high probability.


The reason why is quite simple.


Because guide interpreters for them will be increased thanks to a revision of the law that allows guide interpreters without the national license to work in a paid capacity.

Under the current Licensed Guide Interpreters Act, people who want to work as a paid guide interpreter must take and pass written and oral tests given by the government.


Although such certification process is needed to some extent, we only have about 20,000 guide interpreters to over 20,000,000 visitors to Japan annually (and will be increasing). Easing the condition to work to be paid, we can expect that more people will be participated as their second job.


Along with a gap in demand and supply of guide interpreters will be reduced, the prices will be reduced accordingly.


The amendment will be enforced from January 4th, 2018.


Concerns about the service quality?
Well, maybe we have to take some time to select them through intermediary services such as Tomodachi Guide and travee.


By the way, although you might not have known it, I am a lone guide helping getting around Tokyo online.
If you have a plan to visit Tokyo sometime, it would be great that you count on me . . . !



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