Traveling to Japan? Then take a look at benefits of WiFi rental service

Are you looking forward to travel to Japan anytime soon? Are you worried about staying connected to the internet during your stay? Then you must take a look at the pocket Wi-Fi service offered by LightPocket. What is the pocket Wi-Fi rental service? Pocket WiFi router is a small device […]

Which Is The Best Option to Rent A Pocket WiFi at Kansai Airport (Osaka)?

You can rent a pocket WiFi router at the Kansai airport, and can rent it once after arriving as Kansai airport has counters specializing in renting pocket WiFi routers. What kind of a rental service is the best for people who has a plan to rent a pocket WiFi router […]

Japan Travel Answer & Solution: What’s The Difference Between “Standard” & “Premium” Pocket WiFi Plans?

  I received a very interesting inquiry from an international visitor to Japan, asking At some websites of portable WiFi device, they offer some premium models for Hokkaido or rural places. If I rent standard WiFi device and just go to cities like Sapporo, Asahikawa, Abashiri, etc., can’t I use […]

Japan Prepaid SIM Cards / Rental Pocket WiFi Routers Comprehensive Comparison Lists

As many countries have, Japan also has a lot of companies offering prepaid SIM cards or rental pocket WiFi routers. Actually, there are a little too much to choose the best one for your travel out of them. Today I’ll introduce to you several “God” web sites, each listing a […]

Farewell, Free WiFi Paradise in Japan

This might be not a good news for international travelers to Japan, but perhaps it should have come at some point to 2020. Free WiFi spots in Japan are highly likely to be regulated in the near future. The Japan government Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) firmed up […]

In 2018, WiFi Situation On Shinkansen Will Be Changed Dramatically

Good news about Japan travel should be sent to everyone having a plan to visit Japan as soon as possible. Shinkansen, or bullet trains in Japan, will approach on our side next year. JR East & JR West officially announced simultaneously last week that they are starting offering public wireless LAN […]

Useful Knowledge to Use Internet in Japan: 5 Networks of Pocket WiFi / Prepaid SIM Card

Japan has mostly 5 networks to enable people to use the internet, and each has strengths and weaknesses. If you have a plan to purchase a prepaid SIM card, you need to check the followings beforehand: 1. Frequency compatibility between your device and Japan. 2. SIM lock on your device: […]

The Best Internet Contract for Staying in Japan for More Than 30 Days But Less Than 2 Years

If you visit to Japan for various purposes such as studying and business, you might be staying in Japan much longer than tourists. During staying for a long period of time in Japan, disconnected to the internet is very inconvenient. However, network conditions in Japan are very complicated and hard […]

Narita Airport Pocket WiFi Rental Comparison

About 50% of all international travelers use Narita International Airport (NRT) for entering and leaving Japan. There are many services and amenities to international travelers at the airport. Many international travelers ask whether the renting portable WiFi is necessary or not during their stay in Japan. Although Japan have many […]