Differences Between Prepaid SIM Card and Rental SIM Card

SIM Cards for Visitors from Outside of Japan All the SIM cards for visitors from outside of Japan can be categorized in two types: Prepaid SIM or Rental SIM. Most of them use the same network from NTT Docomo, one of the largest mobile phone operators in Japan. Their network […]

Comprehensive Lists of Prepaid SIM Cards Sold at Convenience Stores at Narita Airport (2018 April Edition)

A number of foreign travelers to Japan is increasing every year, and you might have already known, that number is dramatically increasing especially recently. To meet the high demand of the internet connection by such people, Narita airport, the most used airport as a gateway to Japan, has lots of […]

Basic Knowledge To Make A Phone Call in Japan: How to Contract, IP-Phone, Prepaid SIM with Phone Number

For traveling, to study, for business, or temporarily returning. There are people visiting Japan with various purposes. I think that a certain number of people in that group may come to need to make a phone call for various reasons. For one such reason, either in Japan or to outside […]