Are You a First-Time Traveler to Japan? Then, Using an Airport Bus is the Most Smart Transportation to City For You

For a first time traveler to Japan, it is difficult to get straight to the place you want to go by train as you need to get accustomed with (a little) complicated train routes in Japan. And this may fit not only beginners but veterans because even I, a Japanese […]

[Bookmark Recommended] Basic Knowledge That Helps When You are in Emergency in Japan

2018 is closing . . . in this year, Japan has experienced several severe natural disasters. If you are a Japan-travel-conscious people, you might easily be able to remind of Osaka earthquake (June 18th) and Hokkaido Eastern Iburi earthquake (September 6th), which deeply affected not only people living in Japanese, but […]

4 Japan Proxy Shopping Services To Get Must-buy/Exclusive Items Sold in Japan *OCT 2 Updated!

One day, I came across a post on reddit in which people talking about a very interesting topic: Reddit / What did you wish you bought in Japan or Japan exclusive items to bring home? (self.JapanTravel) Happily (or . . . worse?), the original poster hasn’t been to Japan yet. Seemingly he/she […]

5 Must-Have Apps to Get Around Japan

In this article, I will introduce five essential apps to get around Japan in order of priority. You might have known some of these already as they are basics. Yet, basics deserve to be introduced as many times as they are needed. All of their basic functionalities are provided for […]

Useful Websites to Get Around Japan: Guide Websites Part.2

This is the second part of “Useful Websites to Get Around Japan: Guide Websites.” Although we’ve carefully curated, there are so many services which should be spread out and must help international travelers to Japan. Let’s roll out our second installment.   1.POCKET CONCIERGE Pocket Concierge is an online restaurant […]

Japan Travel Tips: Luggage Transfer & Storage Service List

Getting around Japan with your suitcases is, tough. They annoy you as they are heavy and it’s hard for you to walk with for a long distance. Even enjoyable Japan travel could decrease its enjoyment. I think that, before/during Japan travel, people having that kind of a problem, which needs […]

All Japan Travelers Must Check: Sending & Receiving Packages Will Dramatically Be Easy

Definitely worth using service for every travelers to Japan will appear from this October. Great news has just came in from Yamato Transport (Kuroneko Yamato), announcing that they will start a new service from October 1st, 2017. The service name is “TA-Q-BIN Center Uketori Service,” meaning that with this service, […]

Useful Websites to Get Around Japan: Guide Websites Part.1

Curated websites and guide services for getting around Japan are rapidly increasing to meet the needs of the rising number of people visiting to Japan. However, the more websites/services, the more complicated. To untie it, LightPocket put them in one place sort by category to know which is the best […]

Japan Guide Prices WILL be Lowered with High Probability

According to the statistics data of The Japan Tourism Agency, an expenditure for “on-site Japan tour guides” in 2016 is 12,080yen per person. That number is almost equivalent to the topics in the same data such as: 10,992yen on “Other food, drink, alcohol & tobacco” and 11,606yen on “Golf courses/theme […]