One Major Problem at Airbnb in Japan: Failure to Receive Your Luggage: Part 1

Demand for Airbnb in Japan is rising.
However, as it becomes more popular, problems between users and hosts often happen.
That is, you cannot receive your luggage at the Airbnb room you stay at.

Travelling, studying, having a business trip, etc..
A number of people pre-ordering pocket WiFi routers or prepaid SIM cards before visiting to Japan is very increasing along with increasing of Airbnb rooms to meet their needs.

Nevertheless, most pocket WiFi/prepaid SIM providers recommend NOT to receive the products at Airbnb as it faces many troubles. They even warn you on their websites to avoid it as possible as you can.

You might not have to think about it much if you stay at Japan for a short period.
However, if you stay for a long time, it is very convinient to have a place to receive – whether or not you are at – packages, including a pocket WiFi router, a prepaid SIM card, and one purchased from online shops.
I will post about Major Reasons to Fail to Receive Your Luggage and a solution to this matter on my next article.